Canada Car Sales

Rebuilds: Quality Vehicles Below Market Rate

Rebuild vehicles provide a unique opportunity to purchase a low-mileage vehicle at a significant savings.

Where do they come from?

Quality Rebuilt VehiclesRebuild vehicles are typically purchased at auction after being written off by the insurance company. Common sources include salvage vehicles (accident with minor damage) and theft recoveries.

What is a Rebuild?

These vehicles are selected for their high value potential and restored to factory or better condition by the expert team at D&J Automotive. The restored vehicle is then sold to buyers looking for excellent value, with full disclosure of the nature of the incident.

Are they safe?

We only purchase and restore vehicles with bolt-on or cosmetic damage. We do not purchase, rebuild or sell vehicles with any kind of frame damage. All damage and repair is fully documented with pictures, and a copy of all documentation is provided to the customer.

Rebuild vehicles can sell for thousands of dollars below market value, with extremely low mileage, and qualify for after-market warranty programs.